Dos and Don't for your handbag

A handbag is an essential part of any outfit. A horrible handbag can completely ruin an outfit while a great one can pull everything together and make it look more complete. It doesn't matter if you only have a couple of bags, or a giant collection. Here are some things that you should keep in mind when you are picking the one that you want to carry with you. Follow these rules and you'll always look good while still keeping up with your own personal style.


Take advantage of the basic tote bag. They are great for casual days when you're just wearing a pair of jeans. They're also perfect for shopping green.

Do dress up your tote bag. Tote bags don't always have to look casual. There are tons that come in beautiful leathers that can give a really formal look, especially for the office.

Allow your bag to be a pop of color in your outfit. If you're wearing a very neutral outfit try a fun and funky colored bag.

Always make sure to adjust the strap of your bag so that it won't hang lower than your hips. Sometimes this can be an issue for smaller ladies. I know the pain!

Choose bright colored handbags to wear in the summer. This is the best time to bring out all the colors you wouldn't normally use. Even neons look great this time of year!

Go for a super funky clutch or evening bag when wearing a little black dress. This is a great time to break out that bag with a crazy print, or something with rhinestones everywhere!


Don't use tote bags when you're wearing an evening gown. It doesn't matter how fancy it looks, it just won't go with the occasion.

Don't wear shoulder bags with your evening wear either unless the strap is thin and delicate like a chain. A thick strap will distract from the gown.

Don't leave detachable straps attached to your bag if you don't intend on using them.

Evening bags are tiny, so don't try to put everything you own inside of them when you go out. Only the essentials are necessary like your phone, money, some lipstick, and gum or mints.

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