Great Handbag Styles

Handbags are more than just a way for you to carry all of your things around. A handbag is an accessory that accentuates an outfit. It can add a pop of color, or tone down an otherwise funky dress. For some, finding a handbag is difficult because they are not familiar with the different kinds of styles. Here is a guide to the top handbag styles so that you never spend a day in confusion about what to get.

Hobo - Hobos are one of the most common and popular styles of handbag. This is because generally come in sizes that are large enough to carry all your stuff on a regular basis. They also have a crescent shape that makes them very comfortable to carry.

Satchel - Satchel bags definitely stand out because of their structured shape. Because these bags have to keep their shape they are generally made from heavy leathers and canvas. Satchels are the perfect bag for classy yet chic looks, as well as office style.

Baguette - Not to be confused with bread, baguettes do mimic the shape of a loaf and have short straps putting the hand in handbag.

Clutch - Clutches are stylish bags that have no straps and are ideal for formal wear. These bags are usually just large enough to carry your essentials and not take away from the shape of your stylish cocktail dress with straps criss-crossing everywhere.

Tote - Totes are another popular bag similar to hobos, but with much more structure. These bags can range from simple casual in cloth fabrics to more sophisticated leathers. Tote bags will usually have plenty of space to carry all of your things inside of it. Tote bags can also be used as great laptop bags for women.