Features to look for when buying a handbag

You might see a handbag that looks great in a store. You fall in love right away over the way it looks, but sometimes that just isn't enough. It doesn't matter what the bag looks like if you take it home and then realize you just don't like to use it. To avoid having a bag that just ends up sitting in your closet for years, it's important to have in mind what features you really want, and then make sure the bags you like have them when you are looking at them in the store. If you do this you'll be able to always avoid buying bags that you won't use.

Here are some features to look out for when shopping

Closures - How your bag closes may be more important than you think. Different people have different preferences when it comes to closures, and it's definitely something you should keep in mind. Perhaps you love a bag that zips up so that all of your items are secure. Or maybe you prefer a bag that has an open closure so that you have easy access to everything.

Material - The fabric you should be looking out for will vary depending on what you intend to use it for. For an every day fabric you should be looking for something durable that can handle a lot of wear, where as for evening bags finer fabrics will do just fine.

Size - Pay attention to descriptions of bag sizes especially if you are shopping online. If you like to carry a lot of things, a small bag clearly won't be for you even if you really like the way it looks. You'll end up never finding a use for a bag that isn't the size you need.

Shape - The shape of a bag is really important in terms of comfort. You really want to enjoy how the bag feels under your arm. Maybe you want something that falls closer to your armpit, or a bag that will hang lower like a messenger bag. Do you like wide bags, or taller bags?

Storage - The storage of your bag is one of the most important things. You'll need to figure out if you want your bag to have pockets on the outside or tons of pockets in the inside. Maybe you want a bag that will allow you easy access to your phone. Some bags may even act as a wallet for you with card holders. Not the inside and the outside storage of every bag you like before you make a purchase.